Is There a Real Estate Divorce Specialist Certification?

Is There a Real Estate Divorce Specialist Certification?

Enlisting the help of an experienced agent is important—but does that agent need to be a certified real estate divorce specialist?

Not necessarily.

Since a divorce home sale proceeds just like a traditional sale would, it isn’t required for your real estate agent to have specialized training. If there are any complications that might arise, such as those related to community property laws, it’s your lawyer who’ll be handling the issues.

What your agent really needs is great interpersonal communication skills, a knack for conflict resolution, and lots of patience.

“It’s more the soft skills than the technical skills that are required,” says Jordan Bennett, a top 1% real estate agent in Mission Viejo, CA, who is a certified specialist in working with divorcing couples to sell their homes. “Being able to deal with high emotionally charged conversations, being able to be diplomatic.”

If you know that your divorce is highly contentious—and the home sale is destined to become a bitter battleground—hiring a real estate divorce specialist with training or certification may be the right move. There are several places where agents can get specialized divorce home sale training:

  • Those who train with the Institute of Divorce Financial Analysts earn the designation of Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA). Professionals with this training typically have a background in accounting, finance, or matrimonial law, rather than real estate.
  • Agents who study the master course devised by the Divorce Real Estate Institute earn the title of Certified Divorce Real Estate Professional(CDRP). Unlike CDFA, CDRE certification focuses specifically on the real estate market and training active real estate agents.
  • Harvard and Stanford-educated Kelly Lise Murray, J.D., devised her own state-specific training program for divorce real estate. Agents who complete her course receive the designation of Real Estate Collaboration Specialist-Divorce (RCS-D).
  •  Phillip H. Lande, has been recognized as a leader in the field of divorce. He has both the CDREP Certification and the  prestigious RCS-D Designation.

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