How to Find an Agent Experienced In Working with Divorcing Clients

How to Find an Agent Experienced In Working with Divorcing Clients

Selling a home during a divorce is challenging due to animosity between the homeowners. That’s why divorce attorneys get involved in the proceedings—especially when it comes time to divvy up the proceeds from the sale.

Dividing both property and debt during a divorce falls to the attorney. This can get tricky, especially in states with community property laws. That’s why profits from the home sale are sometimes held in a trust until the divorce is finalized.

The complications of dividing assets aside, the process of a divorce real estate sale is no different than a traditional home sale. So researching the top real estate agents in your area is the best place to start.

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Your attorney is also a good resource to ask for a list of agents that they’ve previously worked with on other divorce home sales.

Once you’ve compiled a solid of candidates, both you and your soon-to-be-ex spouse should interview them separately to narrow down the list.

You’ll want to ask each agent specific questions about their references, number of homes sold, and experience selling homes during divorce proceedings. It’s also a good idea to ask hypothetical questions about potential conflicts that might arise (like over the lawn or those kitchen countertops), and ask how they would handle the situation.

As they answer your questions, home in on which ones offer the clearest communication and highest comfort level.

Another question you may want to ask is whether they have any special training or certification in handling divorce real estate transactions.

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