Hiring the Best Real Estate Agent to Navigate Your Divorce

Hiring the Best Real Estate Agent to Navigate Your Divorce

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After you’ve interviewed your real estate agent prospects and verified their experience, you’re in a good position to hire your agent…that is, if you can get your spouse to agree.

Rather than getting into lengthy debates over the merits of each agent, simply rank your top three picks and ask your spouse to do the same. Then—if you can manage a civil discussion—compare your lists and select the one closest to the top on both.

If your divorce isn’t amicable enough to make this decision together, don’t let the selection of an agent become the first of many battles over the home sale. Instead, present both lists to your attorney who can impartially make the final call for you.

When a marriage is ending, selling the family home has the potential to get incredibly combative. It takes the help of a patient, communicative real estate agent to keep the home sale sailing smoothly through the rocky seas of a divorce.

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