Do You Need a Real Estate Divorce Specialist?

Do You Need a Real Estate Divorce Specialist?

Do You Need a Real Estate Divorce Specialist to Sell Your Home?

by Christine Bartsch

Dividing assets during a divorce is always unpleasant. And when there’s a home involved; warring spouses can get cutthroat.

Battles over setting the list price, scheduling showings, and even accepting the best offer can delay both the sale and the divorce. In worst case scenarios, these skirmishes may even lead to you selling the house for less than it’s worth.

Top agent Annpauline Creamer—who ranks #8 out of 665 agents in the Mahopac, New York area—explains:

“The agent’s job is to get both spouses the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of inconvenience. The challenge in negotiations is getting them to agree and getting them to communicate. So you need to have an experienced agent who knows what the challenges of divorce real estate sales are before they happen.”

There’s perhaps no other scenario where picking the right professional is more important. Let’s examine the facts you need to know to find the right agent to help you sell your home during a divorce.

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