Why Divorcing Couples Clash Over Selling the Home

Why Divorcing Couples Clash Over Selling the Home

All couples fight—often about money, so says the American Psychological Association. Financial expert Dave Ramsey discovered that the more in debt a couple is, the more likely they are to fight about finances.

divorce real estate specialist to help with money woes

Source: (Ramsey Solutions)

In fact, a recent Ameriprise study found that 31% of surveyed couples fought about money at least once a month. And according to the Institute of Divorce Financial Analysts (IDFA), 22% of divorcing couples cite money issues as a primary reason for the split.

Since money is a sore spot in many marriages, it’s no wonder that the selling of the home during a divorce—often a couple’s biggest financial asset—becomes a major bone of contention between them.

But fighting over the house isn’t just about the money.

Your house is also home to many happy, sad, and mad memories from your marriage. And those memories give couples petty things to fight about beyond the bigger financial issues like setting the list price and accepting an offer.

For example, a husband may push to remove the custom kitchen countertops that his wife loves so much as part of the pre-listing renovations. Or a wife might insist on gutting her husband’s treasured lawn under the guise of improving the curb appeal.

A couples’ inclination to battle over every detail of the home sale is the very reason why they need an agent with divorce home sale experience. The right agent becomes the neutral voice of authority on things like pricing, marketing, and what home improvements will actually help the house sell.

“Divorce is a challenge all by itself, as is the process of selling a home—that’s two major challenges at once. So you need an experienced agent that you both can trust; an agent who will have open communication with all parties involved. Years of experience make agents better communicators, which makes the transactions smoother,“ says Creamer.

Hiring the right agent who can communicate clearly and calmly with both spouses is absolutely essential. But how do you find one?

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