New Construction

New Construction

Builders Like Nothing Better

Than an Unrepresented Buyer

Please Read This Carefully!!

Now that you have begun the buying process I want to make a BIG DEAL about your new construction options.

Buying your next home is a huge step! A bad decision during the early stages of the buying process could cost you thousands of dollars today and even more in the future when it’s time to sell.

Important Thoughts - And Your NEW Construction Options

About 90% of all New Home builders aggressively solicit REALTORS® to bring them prospective buyers. The real estate industry has a great alliance with New Home builders and their sales people. The one thing you must know is that the sales reps in those models are working for the builder’s best interests not yours! Licensed REALTORS® working as Buyer’s Agents are obligated by law to represent the buyer and the buyer’s best interests.

This is a great way to think about buying with New Construction on your own – Would you go to court and represent yourself in a law suit? Chances are you wouldn’t consider it, and you would get a lawyer to guide you and guard your interests throughout the process.

When visiting a model, you should expect to hear that the “Special” sale is about to end, prices are going up in a few days, or one of their best lots just became available and is expected to be gone within a few days.

Retaining experienced Buyer Representation will NOT cost you anything, not even a penny. As with an existing home listed with a licensed REALTOR®, the buyer agent receives compensation from the builder or seller at closing. It just doesn’t make any sense to attempt to buy a New Home without a REALTOR® – Additionally, the builders do not reduce their pricing should a buyer waive Buyer Representation!

When considering your New Construction options, you need to do a few things:

1.      Make sure you tell me you are interested in New Construction. We will need to discuss several VERY important aspects.

2.      Builders expect one IMPORTANT thing from REALTORS® and their buyer clients – I must be present with you during your first visit to any of the models or I need to register you with the builder rep before your visit.


3.      Spur of the moment stops at new constructions sites are common as are Open House tours.  If you have not had the opportunity to let me know you are stopping in, please be sure to give one of my business cards to the agent, and let them know you are working with me.





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